Investigation finds hidden catches travel insurance small print


Posted By: Maureen Juniper on July 10, 2017

Investigation finds hidden catches travel insurance small print

Money Mail investigation uncovers an array of hidden catches in travel insurance small print of some of the most prominently advertised policies on price comparison websites.

A recent article by Victoria Bischoff, Deputy Editor of Money Mail warns of the dangers of buying cheap travel insurance deals, as they often offer the worst cover.  In some cases, travellers find that they will not be covered in the event they have an accident during popular activities such as cycling, horse riding and snorkeling.  Martyn James of complaints website Resolver said “Travel insurance companies are renowned for relying on ambiguous contract terms to get out of paying claims.  Holidaymakers should be particularly wary when using price comparison websites”.

In one recent case, a 52-year-old grandmother injured herself falling off a quad bike in Greece.  She was left with thousands of pounds in medical bills after her insurer refused to pay out because it excludes quad biking in the small print. have responded to this problem, by not only rating policies in respect of the cover they provide, but also presenting a comprehensive in depth review of each policy, highlighting the major exclusions and any onerous terms and conditions in the travel insurance small print.

We are the only company that takes into account every travel policy available to buy online (over 160 different websites) We have reviewed hundreds of insurers and thousands of travel policies. The website ranks all travel policies according to the coverage they offer and their value for money.

You can find a whole range of suitable policies by searching here, in a matter of seconds. Save your favourites and compare covers, sums insured, price and excess.

Experts say that many holiday makers and travellers will be unaware that policies will not protect them or that they have to shop around very carefully to get the best deal and one that provides the cover you will need. is totally independent of any insurance company. So, if you are planning a trip or a holiday in the near future, it will certainly pay to check us out.

We would also like to hear your own personal experiences with Travel Insurance. Leave a confidential review here, to assist us further in expanding our database of customer feedback


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