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That's Insurance independently reviews and compares every travel insurance policy available to buy online, whether it is on a comparison site or not. Make sure you have the policy that really matches all your potential needs. Users can read reviews and compare prices in just a few clicks.

How to use this site

Use as a comparison site

  • Click through to the category of Insurance you are interested in
  • Choose a policy type and select your requirements using the drop down boxes
  • Sort the results in order of price, star rating or a combination of both
  • Click on full details to check cover, read our review etc.
  • Click get a quote to visit that companies site and take out a policy

Use as a knowledge base

  • Click on Insurance Providers to view any company you choose
  • Read our independent review and view the policy terms and conditions
  • Click on the help center for more information on Insurance terms and cover
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What are Your Options?

Remain with the same Insurance Company

You could stay with your existing Insurer and you wouldn't have the worry of shopping around every year for alternative quotes. Unfortunately Insurers have a tendency to increase renewal premiums and by not shopping around, you will end up paying more for your Insurance.

Use a local broker

If you don't have the confidence to purchase an Insurance policy online, we would definately recommend the use of an Insurance Broker. Firstly they will do the searching for you, secondly they will recommend a policy that meets your requirements. As a result if there are any problems or complaints they would be your first port of call. The downside is that Brokers charge a fee or commission, so you could end up paying more.

Use a Comparison Site

Comparison sites have sped up the process of comparing policies online. However most only compare companies from which they earn a commission. Leaving those that don't feature on comparison sites, un-compared.

Use a Review/Rating Site

Most review sites only feature customer reviews (not an expert opinion). DEFAQTO provide independent star rating reviews, however they do not compare price and a significant number of policies are four and five star rated. No site combines all of these.

Use That's Insurance

That's Insurance is the only site to combine all these elements. An independent review of each policy, an easy to understand star rating and a comprehensive price guide comparison. That's Insurance, is the only site you need.

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