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Customer Reviews

We welcome Feedback on your experience with your Insurance Provider and the Insurance Policy you took out with them. Leave a Customer Review and help others make the right choice. Search for Insurance Providers and view Reviews Left by others on the Insurance Provider Search Page

Reviews once approved will appear on the Insurance Providers page, together with all other information about that Insurance Provider. If you made a claim, how did it go? Did your Insurance Provider manage your claim efficiently and did you receive the payment you expected? Did you find any small print that you wish you'd been notified of? How was their service in general? If you tried to reach them on the phone, email or social media - did they respond to you in a timely manner? Please try to be specific and don't forget to pass on any positive praise for a job well done, this is just as important as letting others know when things didn't go as well as expected. Customer Reviews are a vital part of providing an overall rating for Insurance Providers and we hope you will help us build a fantastic research tool for other users.

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