Taking a Cruise? Don’t Ignore Cruise Insurance


Posted By: jonathan on April 11, 2017

Taking a Cruise? Don’t Ignore Cruise Insurance

This article is from Visitorscoverage.com a US travel insurance broker on the pitfalls of not taking cruise travel insurance.

“The number of global passengers taking a cruise in 2013 is around 20.9 million, out of which 17.6 million departed from North America. For many travellers, a cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is usually one of the most expensive trips a traveller can take, but it can get far more expensive if any mishaps happen, while you are away from the mainland at sea……..” click here to read more

Although US based their advice is still pertinent to UK travellers. Don’t necessarily accept insurance from the cruise company themselves, as generally the cover is not as good as you would get from a specialist travel insurer.

Only minor ailments and injuries can be dealt with on board a cruise liner and anything more serious would mean being airlifted to the nearest hospital. A procedure that is not easy and certainly not cheap. Most specialist travel policies will include emergency evacuation as standard, but it is important you read the policy carefully.

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