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Cruise Travel Insurance Guide

Most single trip and annual trip travel insurance policies offer Cruise Insurance as an add on. Every policy has been rated using our own in-house algorithm and then ranked by price. The algorithm takes into account many factors, including things like, sections covered, sums insured, terms and conditions, additional benefits, and excess. Each policy has been given a one to five star rating. Using our search facility, you can filter policies by star rating, premium, excess, levels of cover, or a combination of filters. Once you have filtered the search results to best suit your needs. you can click "Get a Quote" and go through to the Insurance Providers website where you can finalize your policy. Cruise Travel Insurance

In Brief

If you are fortunate enough to have booked a cruise around the Mediterranean, Caribbean or even around the world, travel insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. However because a cruise is very different from other holidays it might not be covered under a standard travel insurance policy and you may need a specialist Cruise Insurance policy. For example you can be on a cruise for months at a time (even all year round) and certainly a lot longer than the standard 30 days a single trip insurance policy covers. Even an annual travel policy which covers multiple trips normally has a standard limit of only 31 days per trip.

Who is it for?

  • Cruise Travel Insurance is normally a specialist travel insurance policy for anyone who is taking a long cruise.
  • Specifically aimed at those over retirement age and maybe with pre-existing medical conditions.

What you need to know about Cruise Travel Insurance

This type of policy is tailored towards you spending your holiday on a ship. It should take into account things like; Medical Expenses being potentially larger on a ship at sea than on a normal holiday on land. (The logistics of getting someone off a ship in an emergency can get very complicated and very expensive). Large cruise ships will have their own medical centres and specialist insurers will normally waive any excess for medical treatment on board the ship. Specialist Cruise Travel Insurers understand the differences between a cruise and a normal holiday. Their policies cover things like:- Missed cruise departure. If you have booked a flight as part of your cruise package to meet your ship at a certain port. Cover is provided if your flight is delayed and this causes you to miss the boat, including additional travel costs to meet the boat at the next available port. The weather has it’s own set of rules and violent storms can delay departure on even the largest cruise ship. Cruise Travel Insurance will cover delayed departure due to bad weather or technical problems on the ship. Nothing can be worse than being taken ill on board or having an accident which means you are confined to your cabin for a period. Specialist policies will pay compensation if you can’t leave your cabin due to illness or bad weather including the cost of any pre-booked excursions which you are unable to use as a direct resuly of you being confined to your own room due to an accident or illness. Very occasionally a scheduled port visit may have to be cancelled, this can ruin a cruise, especially if this visit was one of the reasons you chose that cruise. Whilst Cruise Insurance can’t make up for the missed visit, they will provide compensation normally up to £500. This section covers the ship being unable to dock because of bad weather, illness or accident, or an unforeseen timetable restriction.  

Important Considerations

Cruise lovers tend to be older travellers (although more and more are being enjoyed by younger families) Premiums on standard policies tend to increase dramatically for those aged over 60. Also older travellers are more likely to have existing medical conditions and they can be included under a standard policy. Look for a specialist travel insurance provider that will accept pre existing medical conditions and have unlimited age restraints. Whilst it is tempting to save money by taking out standard travel insurance, you will find a lot of restrictions in cover and some areas where there is no cover at all. Don’t scrimp and go with a specialist Insurer.

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