Which Travel Insurance Policy is best and how to use this website?


Posted By: Denise on July 18, 2017

Which Travel Insurance Policy is best and how to use this website?

Which Travel Insurance Policy is best?

You could spend your time trawling through websites looking for the best quote. You could speed the process up by trying a comparison site. Unfortunately comparison sites only deal with about 25% of the travel insurers, so there is no guarantee that you will find the absolute best price using one, let alone be able to get any meaninful information by way of a review about the travel insurance company.

We have taken the hard work out of choosing a policy, by reviewing every policy ourselves and rating them accordingly. When we say every policy, we mean every policy, not just the forty who appear on the well known comparison sites, but every single policy that is available to purchase online (there are over 400 single trip polices to choose from!). That is a true comparison!

Don’t forget, you can also create an account and save any quotes that you like, which means once you’ve done the hard work searching, you won’t have to repeat it again.

How to use this website?

Use as a comparison site

  • Click on the search button at the top of this page, or click on the menu “Search” and navigate to “Travel Insurance Quotes”.
  • Answer the 5 Questions for Policy Type, Destination, Traveller Type, Age and Trip Days, press Enter to search.
  • Results are displayed in order of rating, 5 star policies show first, you can change this order using the filters. You can filter in more detail using the Advanced Filter Tab, filter by the cover levels you need, excess or price.
  • You can compare quotes that you like as favourites, see how the cover compares and with an account, save these.

Use as a Review Site

  • Click on the menu “Search” and navigate to “travel Insurance Reviews”, click on any Insurance Provider to view their full review.
  • Each Insurance Provider shows a detailed review, including, policy ratings, “user friendliness” gauge, cover comparisons and more

How do we Work?

  • We explain the different types of policies available and where you can find them, review the companies that currently offer cover online and the policies they provide.
  • In the advice section, you will find a simple explanation of each of the standard areas covered in a travel policy.
  • We do not make specific recommendations, because each person has their own individual set of circumstances, that we can’t possibly know.
  • Each Policy is carefully reviewed and rated using our in house developed algorithm, which ranks each policy according to a fixed set of criteria. These include things like, core sections of cover, levels of cover, excess, policy wording and of course price.
  • We have no ties to any particular Insurer, so our reviews are totally independent

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