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Travel Insurance Medical Conditions Guide

Not every Insurer offers a travel policy to people with Medical conditions and prices can vary greatly depending on the specific condition covered.  With our Search Facility, you have the ability to filter out those Insurance Providers who offer online screening for Medical Conditions, we detail the basic premium and cover levels, which you can use to help you decide on a potential suitable policy, before going onto the Insurance Provider's website to complete a full medical screening. You can then click "Get a Quote" where you can go through to the Insurance Providers website, go through online screening and get an instant quote. Medical Travel Insurance

In Brief

Medical bills are the biggest expense under a holiday insurance policy and can reach silly amounts very quickly. If you have existing medical conditions, there is no doubt this creates an increased risk for an insurance company. This doesn’t mean cover isn’t available, but it is more likely that the Insurance Company will want to ask you more detailed questions. Going to an Insurer that specialises in travel health insurance is certainly the way forward. Travel Insurance for medical conditions is now easier than ever to obtain and at a competitive price.

Who is it for?

Any traveller who has a pre-existing medical condition. The definition of this is any illness disease or injury that has been treated with advice, treatment or medication. The same will be true if you have suffered symptoms whether the condition has been diagnosed or not.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

What you need to know about travel insurance for people with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

We are all living and staying active longer, so there is no need to exclude cover because of age or medical conditions. In fact, there are a wide variety of medical conditions that are so well controlled with drugs that the increased risk is minimal. Thankfully more and more Insurers realise that this sector of the travel Insurance market is growing rapidly, and there is more and more Holiday Insurance for pre existing medical conditions. Travel cover should not be treated as a luxury purchase. Travel Cover is an essential element of any trip or holiday and needs to be available to all, no matter what their circumstances. Some existing travel insurance medical conditions are so common, that they may automatically be included at no increase in premium (there might be a slightly higher excess) and all other areas of cover, baggage, cancellation, liability etc should be the same as a standard travel insurance policy.

Important Considerations

You should disclose all existing medical conditions, even if the last occurrence were some time ago. If you are unclear, it is better to err on the side of caution by disclosing the condition. Then you won’t find out at the time of a claim, you weren’t covered because you didn’t disclose it. Your Insurer will know whether or not this represents an increased risk and rate accordingly. You can go on holiday knowing that you have the correct travel medical insurance. Some travellers will be embarrassed about having to answer personal questions; the good news is that most of the questions can be asked and answered online. If you do have to speak to someone, in my experience they are very understanding and helpful, so don’t worry. Travel Insurance for pre existing medical conditions is common and the majority of conditions will have been dealt with many times. If you are part of a group travelling and the rest of the party don’t have medical conditions, it is typically cheaper to insure the rest of the group under a standard travel policy. Also don’t worry if you are disabled or require the use of a wheelchair or walking frame to get around. Specialist travel insurers are quite happy to include cover for medical aids either owned or hired for the trip.

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