Travel Insurance if you have to cancel your Holiday


Posted By: Maureen Juniper on August 14, 2017

Travel Insurance if you have to cancel your Holiday

In a recent article in the Daily Mail it stated that travel insurance may fall short for those who are let down by a cancelled property booking.   It’s essential that travellers who need to cancel, perhaps due to illness, death in the family or even being called for jury service have checked their policy before buying.

Travel insurance should be able to help with lost costs in most cases, so long as cover is of adequate quality and is purchased far enough in advance.  The article states that half of all insurance claims paid are related to cancellation.  It is essential that you take out travel insurance, the moment you have booked your holiday. Leaving arranging travel insurance to the last minute could mean payments for holidays that cannot be recovered.

Always check that you have the right policy and that cover is everything you need. That’s Insurance provides reviews of hundreds of policies from over 150 sites, together with a price and cover comparison.  It’s worth taking that few moments to go online and check which travel insurance policy is right for your trip. Don’t be caught out by just assuming all policies will cover you for cancellation. Using That’s Insurance saves you time by helping you find the best deal for you.

If you book a holiday property through an online provider yourself, you could also have a problem if the property owner cancels just before your holiday.  A return of deposit may  be usual in most cases, but that won’t help if no other holiday properties are available for the same value, in an area you want to stay in. Imagine if a few days before travelling with several children, you are told the property you have booked  has been sold .

How many of us take out travel insurance policies when traveling in our own country ?

It’s something perhaps we all need to be aware of.  Check out travel insurance reviews by clicking on Insurance Providers. Choose an Insurer to read their review. Reviewed, Rated, Compared.



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