Family Travel Insurance

Family Travel Insurance Guide

There are well over 400 different family travel insurance polices to choose from. Every policy has been rated using our own in-house algorithm and then ranked by price. The algorithm takes into account many factors, including things like, sections covered, sums insured, terms and conditions, additional benefits, and excess.

Each policy has been given a one to five star rating. Using the search facility, you can filter policies by star rating, premium, excess, levels of cover, or a combination of filters. Once you have filtered the search results to best suit your needs. you can click "Get a Quote" and go through to the Insurance Providers website where you can finalize your policy.

Family Travel Insurance

In Brief

Whilst it is always important that you take out travel insurance when venturing abroad, when it comes to travelling with your family, especially children, travel cover becomes an essential element of any holiday.

Whilst as an individual you may be able to cope with a lost piece of luggage or an airport delay, travelling with your loved ones and these unforeseen setbacks could completely ruin a family vacation, not to mention making a big hole in your wallet.

Who is it for?

Family holiday Insurance is for families travelling on holiday together. A policy will normally cover two adults and up to four children who are under the age of 18 years. They must be in full-time education (although some policies will insure your children up to the age of 22).

With single parent families being fairly common, most travel insurers cater for them and their children on the same basis. Most Insurers require the family to be living at the same address, but check the terms and conditions for clarification.

  • Two adults and up to four children under the age of 18
  • Single parent families and up to four children under the age of 18

What you need to know about Family Travel Insurance

A Family Travel policy can either be on a single trip basis or on the Annual Travel or Multi Trip Travel Insurance Basis, which offers unlimited trips abroad during the twelve-month period. There is normally a maximum any one trip duration of 31 days. So if you are planning more than two trips during the year, then the annual family travel insurance policy will be the cheapest of the two options.

Some of the specialist annual family travel policies will allow dependents to travel independently of their parents. So if your children are planning their getaway, this would automatically be covered. This type of policy would extend to cover your children for school outings and any trip in the UK that they might take during the year.

Holiday clothing and baggage can soon add up for a large family, and some of the best Family Travel Insurance policies offer increased levels of cover. It is worth checking a policy like this out, although I recommend you see our secret baggage tip before making any decision.

Important Considerations

Some Insurers will also cover non-dependants, but there is normally an age restriction. Also because of the upper age restriction it may mean that you can’t include grandparents in the policy. Grandparents are perceived as being a higher risk. It is normally cheaper for them to take out a specialist policy that caters for their age group.

Most standard policies either offer winter sports as standard or as an extension and there will be a list of activities that are automatically covered. If you plan a family day out white water rafting, you need to check the terms and conditions to make sure it’s covered as standard.

Because you are travelling together as a family, I recommend medical insurance cover for at least £5 Million. Most policies will exclude pre-existing medical conditions, so if this is something that affects you or your family, you may have to go to a specialist travel insurer.

Different Insurers will provide different limits of cover. It is vital that you think about which areas of cover are important to you and your family. For example, if you view missed departure or lost luggage as a significant risk, then look for insurers who have higher limits.

If a child becomes sick or gets injured and has to be repatriated for further treatment, then you as a parent will want to accompany that child on the journey. Look our for Insurers that cover the costs of additional accommodation and or travel costs for an accompanying adult.

Remember if you are travelling to Europe, you can register for your EHIC (European Health Insurance card) free or charge for each member of your family here.