59% of older travellers shop around for travel insurance


Posted By: jonathan on April 11, 2017

59% of older travellers shop around for travel insurance

Senior discounts the largest provider of age specific discounts in the UK has recently published its survey among seniors about their opinion of travel insurance.

Of the 1230 respondents 59% shop around for a better travel insurance deal, because of the high prices being charged by Travel Insurers. 26% shop around occasionally.

Insurance Shopping

Several of the respondents commented that Travel Insurers should realise, 80 is the new 60 and amend their charging structures accordingly. Prices are so high that in some cases older travellers take the risk and don’t insure at all.

58% of respondents had only minor pre existing medical conditions and 26% were health and agile. A total of 84% felt they were being charged higher premiums despite being a low risk.

”I scratched my leg just before Christmas last year. I had it checked at my doctor’s. The nurse swabbed it and she said it was clean, but because I was taking a coach holiday to Holland, the nurse gave me some antibiotics as a precaution. My wife said to me that I should inform the insurance company, who then charged me an extra £60 and told me it would stay on my policy for the next twelve months.”

source: seniordiscounts.co.uk

Respondents were also asked if they found getting travel insurance difficult.

38% said yes because of health conditions and the high premiums due to age.

Frustratingly this is the point in life where older travellers have the time and money to travel where they want.

There are some excellent policies available for travellers aged 65 and over. Use our comparison quotes to find out those Insurers who deal with the older traveller more sympathetically.

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