Tips for Driving to IBIS Central Bayonne France


Posted By: Maureen Juniper on August 26, 2017

Tips for Driving to IBIS Central Bayonne France

Travel Calais to Bayonne and onto Spain by car, and review of Ibis Central Bayonne ,France.

Read our Travel Tips on driving to the IBIS Central Bayonne France As we like to drive from Calais to Bayonne in one day we are up early to catch the 6.20 am Eurotunnel Train.

Allow more time to go through security at the moment on Euro Tunnel,the process is very easy as long as you make sure you have your booking number and have supplied your car registration. The cafes at the terminal open before the first crossing so there is always somewhere for a coffee and continental breakfast. Cooked breakfast available from about 5. 30 am.

At the moment petrol is about the same in France and England. Use cash or a prepaid card for petrol if possible in France and Spain. On previous trips our card was cloned several times when using credit or debit cards.

On arriving in Calais we head for Rouen, clearly marked on signs as we prefer to avoid Paris. Be aware that if caught speeding you will be fined at least 50 Euros,the police and cameras are not easy to spot. Our route takes us Calais, Rouen, Le Mans, Bordeaux, Bayonne. Depending on traffic arrival at Bayonne is usually about 17 hours.

French Tolls

It’s easier travelling by car if you have a sanef toll tag. , this is cheaper and more convenient than using a card or cash for tolls. There are plenty of stopping places for a picnic or coffee, prices about the same as Costa Coffee in England.  These rest stops can get very busy and lorries are not usually a problem on the roads  until after Bordeaux.  Hold- ups possible at Rouen and Bordeaux at lunchtime, and if you hit the evening rush home.

The road from Bordeaux to Bayonne has been improved and there are three lanes in some parts, but as it’s the main route to Spain and Portugal lorries can be a problem, especially when they try to overtake on a hill. It’s a boring drive made worse by the need for utter concentration at all times. Beware speed cameras and unmarked police cars. Sat-navs cannot use speed camera warnings in France.  If you are caught using one you will be fined.

Bayonne is an interesting town near the coast, if you have time to look around, but if you arrive after Sunday lunch time it’s hard to find anywhere open for a meal. The Ibis Central Hotel is a good, comfortable, reasonably priced hotel for a stop-over (about 70 Euros a room for two.) Beds and pillows are comfortable and the rooms clean.

Secure Parking

In a modern block it’s not a pretty hotel from the outside but is near the town, by the river and has a restaurant if you arrive late. Another bonus, if you are worried about your car is the fact it has secure parking (there is a small extra charge). This is important to ensure a smooth onward journey. The food is good, and the helpful staff speak English, French and Spanish. There is a pretty terrace garden if hot, for meals outside. Just a note if you are looking for a gin and tonic after a long drive this doesn’t seem possible in Bayonne.  Would we stay there again, yes. This is a good hotel for a stop-over.

Checklist. Part of our Tips for driving to the Hotel IBIS Central Bayonne is to be prepared. Here is our travel insurance checklist for you to consider before you leave on your holiday.

Car insurance documents. Medication if required. High visibility jackets for each passenger  and breathalyser kit for France. Euro tunnel booking and Hotel Booking Confirmations.

Hotel ibis Bayonne CentreAddress: 46 Boulevard Alsace Lorraine, 64100 Bayonne, France

All Hotels reviewed have been visited by and have not been sponsored by any Hotel or booking agency, and are the personal views of our  reviewer.

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