The even tempered British Short hair Cat


Posted By: Maureen Juniper on 05/10/2021

The even tempered British Short hair Cat

The British Short hair Cat Insurance Review

Over view of your British Short Hair Cat

British short hair cats are kind, even tempered and can form extremely firm bonds with their families. This puts them are one of the most popular breads in the UK, consistently since 1997. They are the perfect family pet, getting on with everyone including other pets and dogs.


British Short hairs are independent Cats with a loving and loyal nature

History of your British Short Hair Cat

The British Short hair were brought over to the UK to help control vermin during the Roman Invasion. They were then introduced by the Romans over time, to mate with wild native cats, producing the native domestic cat.

In 1870, the breed became very popular but virtually disappeared altogether throughout the World Wars. The British Short hair was saved due to breeding enthusiasts introducing Persians, Russian Blues, and other breeds into the mix.


Health of your British Short hair cat

A British Short hair can life between 14 and 20 years.

A few hereditary health issues to consider:

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) – Breeders should have stud cat’s DNA tested

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)

You can minimise any health problems by making sure your cat comes from a registered breeder and that you see the Kitten with its mother before you buy. Check the premises / home.

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Personality of your British Short Hair  Cat

British Short hairs are very easy going and laid back, but they love getting involved in everything that’s going on around them. They retain their kitten like features as they mature quite late and have an affectionate nature.


The British Short hair form a strong bond with their family and are happy to lounge around at home. They do love exploring outdoors but only if in a safe environment, so if keeping this pet in a town, they adapt well to being kept indoors as long as they have lots of attention and play toys.

As they are prone to becoming overweight, it is essential to maintain their activity especially if being kept indoors.

A British Short hair cat is kind and placid and suitable as an indoor cat if kept occupied.

Grooming and care of your British Short hair Cat

The British Short hair is a low maintenance cat, with a weekly brush to keep their coats in good condition. They shed more in Spring and then again in the Autumn, so more frequent brushing may be required during this time.

It is also important to check the cat’s ears for wax build up as this can lead to issues later if not checked regularly.

Feeding your British Short Hair Cat

 Try to gain a feeding schedule from your breeder to avoid tummy upsets. A kitten diet can be changed but this will need to be a gradual process. Cats don’t tend to be fussy eaters, but it is important to keep a check on your cats’ weight for overall health and wellbeing.

For a full list of harmful food for cats, look on

Your British Short hair with other pets

They are very amenable to other pets including dogs, but be aware you should  make sure they are introduced properly first.

British Short Hair with Children

This breed is very popular with young families as it is outgoing and affectionate. As an intelligent breed, it will learn to get out of the way of small children at playtime. It would be best to supervise to make sure interaction is calm.

Important: Always make sure you go and visit the breeder of the cat you are buying. Never send money for a deposit/full payment in advance of meeting them. To find out what to look for when buying a kitten see advice here


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They can live between 14 – 20 years and this may be reflected in the pet insurance premium



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