Why you should use That’s Insurance


Posted By: Denise on 18/07/2017

Why you should use That’s Insurance

Travel Insurance is a competitive market in the UK, there are hundreds of companies offering cover and it is very easy to buy online, without giving your purchase a second thought.

To most customers, price is the most important factor, but you might be surprised to know there is a huge difference in the cover and the price between policies. For example, two weeks in France for a family of four can cost anywhere between £9.00 and £130 depending on which Insurer you choose.

Holiday Insurance is one of those “necessary evils”, that people tend not to know much about and yet is probably one of the most extensive and complex insurance policies that you can buy.

The sad truth is, that you only find out whether a policy is any good when you need to make a claim. By then it can be too late. Especially as in some foreign countries, it is very easy to rack up medical bills in the hundreds of thousands. If your policy is not right, it could leave you in a serious financial mess, the consequences of which could ruin your life!

Five reasons why you should use Thats Insurance to help you find the right travel insurance

There are numerous comparison and review websites available to help you find travel insurance, so why use our website?

Here are five reasons to use That’s insurance

  1. All the information on our site is provided free of charge.
  2. We are totally independent. We have no financial ties or bias towards any particular company. Unlike some companies Insurers don’t pay us to carry out a review.
  3. There are financial review sites who hand out five star ratings like confetti. We don’t think it’s fair that there should be such a large gap in cover between two policies given the same rating. We are much stricter in our ratings and also don’t hide how they are calculated.
  4. We carry out our own due diligence and research and don’t rely on other websites to provide the information for us, nor do we just copy what other sites have said. This way you can be confident our results are accurate and without any bias.
  5. Comparison sites only show you a small proportion of the travel insurance market. They don’t review the policies they offer and are likely to show you the cheapest first. We have taken the time to rate and review every policy, providing you with a complete picture as to what is available.

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