What makes us different from other review sites


Posted By: Denise on 01/08/2020

What makes us different from other review sites

The last decade has seen a dramatic change in the way Insurance is offered to consumers.

It is now possible to purchase almost any type of insurance online, without ever having to speak to an Insurance Company, or Broker. Rather than taking advice, a significant number of customers are now conducting their own research and making their own decisions about which insurance policy they should buy.

Price Comparison Websites

On the face of it, comparison websites appear to make the process of buying insurance easier, allowing customers to search multiple companies at the same time.

Whilst this is true to some extent, remember that Comparison sites are there to sell you something and have no incentive to review the policies they sell. Cheapest does not always mean suitable.

Rating and Review sites

Websites earn revenue from selling their ratings to the companies they review, or recommend only those companies that pay them affiliate commission.

Customer Review Sites

Customer reviews can be helpful, but generally fall into two camps. Those that have purchased hassle free insurance but not made a claim, leave a positive review. Those that have made a claim and had a problem, leave a negative review. Most consumers are not insurance experts and it’s dangerous to rely solely on customer reviews when choosing insurance.

What makes us different?

ThatsInsurance doesn’t sell insurance and we don’t sell our ratings. We receive no financial benefit for awarding higher marks. As a result, our ratings tend to be more realistic.

We appreciate that not everyone will want or need a five-star policy and in many cases a three or four star rated policy will be perfectly adequate, but we maintain that only the very best should be awarded five stars.

We also believe in complete transparency and that you should understand how we have arrived at our verdict.

We don’t just rate a few popular products, or solely those companies that offer affiliate commission. We independently assess every brand that offers a direct to consumer product, including those listed on comparison sites.

Reviews are not copied from other sites. All product ratings are calculated using information taken from our own databases and unique algorithms and brand reviews are carefully and thoroughly researched.

Our website is free to use. You can search on a range of insurance products and filter by types of cover or sums insured. If you want more information on a particular policy, you can read the in-depth review.

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