How we conduct our reviews


Posted By: Denise on 13/08/2020

How we conduct our reviews

In addition to star ratings, we go a step further and carry out comprehensive research into each Brand.

A lot of work goes into each review (approximately 5 hours per review). This painstaking approach will hopefully reduce the amount of time you need to spend on research, as we have done a lot of the hard work for you. Our findings are presented in an easy to read format that highlights important areas you should be aware of and assist you in not only choosing the right product, but the right brand, based on quality and service.

  • Information about the company and the Insurance underwriters; A history of the company, examples of industry awards, who underwrites the insurance whether they are UK based and who they are regulated by.
  • Important details you should be aware of regarding cover; Highlighting important exclusions, features and benefits that you should be aware of.
  • The results of our mystery shopping; Customer service, website navigation and the purchase journey, from the quotation page to the purchase page ensuring that all key information is provided in a clear and transparent manner enabling the customer to complete the purchase.
  • Analysis of the cancellation, renewal and claims process; Checking what information has been displayed to consumers regarding cancellation, renewal and claims procedures.
  • Examination of the policy wording; Analysing layout and design such as font size, spacing, the use of colour coding, headings and helpful navigation, as well as language structure and the readability score using automated software.
  • Evaluation of available customer reviews and complaints; The financial ombudsman publishes data on the number of complaints and how they are handled. This information is combined with publicly available reviews from customers and forms part of our review.
  • A detailed investigation into premiums charged. Using a standard set of criteria we present in an easy to understand ranking format, our analysis of thousands of quotes. Each set of criteria differs according to the insurance niche. Specific details of the criteria used for each niche can be found below.


Quotes were based on a male dog and cat living in the West Midlands. The breed of dog used was a medium size mongrel and the cat a standard Moggy.

Sample quotes were logged against each policy type (Accident Only, Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime) using a range of ages from 1 up to the age of 10 and ranked according to their competitiveness after taking into account price, and star rating.

We also carried out premium analysis on specific breeds, you can read about those in our breed guides.

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