How Thatsinsurance works


Posted By: Denise on 13/08/2020

How Thatsinsurance works

Buying Insurance

Buying insurance is an important duty that must be tackled by every household in the country. Whether it’s insurance for your pet, cover whilst abroad, compulsory motor insurance, or protection for your business. Every person must at some point in their lives undertake the process of arranging insurance cover.

The emergence of the internet, comparison sites and online e-commerce, has made the process of buying insurance much easier. However, according to some experts the process has become too easy, and there is concern that reliance solely on price comparison websites, cause consumers to purchase only because the insurance is cheap, not what they actually need and that they may be missing out on better cover elsewhere.

Whilst price is important, there are other major factors that should be considered such as;
• What cover is actually provided?
• Does the brand meet the required standards?
• Has sufficient information been given to allow customers to make an informed decision?
• Is the policy backed by a reputable Insurer?

Why ThatsInsurance?

We have read many customer reviews and whilst some of the complaints are down to poor service, or an Insurer trying to wriggle out of paying a claim. The vast majority are where customers have simply not read the policy wording and assumed something is covered when it clearly isn’t. A recent review we read sums up what is a common issue.

“Like most people, I looked at the monthly payments, but I would pay more attention to the policy details and any exclusion clauses. The insurers haven’t done anything wrong, but for ‘peace of mind’, there are better insurance companies with lower excess fees and fewer exclusions, and will cover more of your claim.”

We appreciate it is not easy to compare all policies…. until now.

How ThatsInsurance works

Thatsinsurance combine independent product ratings, and in-depth reviews together with sample quotes of every insurance policy that is available direct to the consumer.

The data is thoroughly researched by experts. Each company’s online buying procedures have been tested with mystery shoppers. Policies have been analysed and important points highlighted during the review process. Policy information has been made searchable, to enable like for like comparisons in the important areas of cover.

Crucially, this information is provided free of charge, enabling visitors to use as much of or as little of the data as necessary.

Our site can be used one of three ways:

1. If you already know the policy you want but just need some reassurance.
a. Find the type of insurance you are interested in at the top of the page.
b. Click “Insurance Reviews” and choose the relevant company.
c. Read our in-depth analysis, important points, pro’s and con’s etc.

2. If you are unsure which company or type of policy would suit your requirements.
a. Click “Compare Insurance”.
b. Choose the policy type and the cover, to compare product ratings.
c. Filters on the left-hand side allow you to search by star rating, excess and a variety of cover levels, depending on requirements.
d. Each policy is displayed with the most important areas of cover. For more detail click “Full Details” on the right-hand side.
e. If you wish to read our detailed review click on the company’s logo.
f. Once you are happy with your choice, visit the company direct to verify the terms and get a personalised quote.

3. Run your details through a comparison site first.
a. Compare the policies of interest with our site to ensure you have considered all relevant brands.
b. Read our in-depth analysis.
c. Visit the Insurers website direct to see if you can achieve a lower price.

If you are new to Insurance and need some help, comprehensive guides are available to answer many of the common questions. If you still need assistance, feel free to email us with any questions.

Remember although we have no ties to any particular insurer and our assessments are totally independent, our reviews do not constitute advice and we cannot make specific recommendations to individuals, because each person has their own set of criteria that we can’t possibly know.

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