Press Release


A new way to research and compare travel insurance

Recent statistics show that one in five consumers holiday abroad without travel insurance, with 31% citing the cost as the main reason for not buying a policy.

Out of those that buy insurance, one in ten admit to buying blind and purchasing the cheapest policy, with only 12% confirming that they actually read the policy documents.

Whilst the sales of travel insurance are estimated to reach £720 million by the year 2018, it appears some consumers have been left feeling uneasy about its purchase, due to lack of knowledge, and impartial information.

A new Insurance comparison website could help

There is an answer to these issues. That´s Insurance which has been established by an insurance broker, with more than 20 years experience or working in the sector.

In a world in which most people buy their travel policies online, without being backed up by the expert advice of a broker, That’s Insurance, has taken the time to analyse every policy, so you don´t have to waste hours trying to do it yourself.

Every single travel policy that is currently available to buy online, has been taken, read thoroughly, and reviewed, with the pros and cons of each policy  clearly explained.

A comprehensive travel insurance database

Collating data from over 190 different websites, That’s Insurance has added a simple price comparison tool. All you need to do is to tell the system, your age, where you are going, how long for and hit the enter button.

In moments, you get back a sortable comparison table, which shows you a price comparison, a summary of the coverage terms and star ratings. All of the information you need to narrow down your options. Once you have found the right policy travel straight to the insurers website to complete the process.

Now I know that a lot of you are thinking, well that sounds like the comparison site I am using now, so what is so special about That´s Insurance?

Well the differences are important. Really important, as you will see when you read on:

  1. Compare Every Single Policy – Unlike most other firms That´s Insurance compares every travel policy, not just the ones listed by the big providers. There is no need to visit comparison sites, or niche providers That´s Insurance covers every policy.


  1. Proper in-depth reviews – Every policy is read by the That´s Insurance experienced team, and analysed. The results are written up into an easy to understand, concise review, so that you can quickly understand the pros and cons of any policy you are considering. They also explain the jargon in plain English.


  1. Innovative star rating algorithm – like most sites That´s Insurance rates each policy, but their star rating process is a bit different. They have developed their own mathematical algorithm that generates the rating in an unbiased way.


  1. Real customer feedback – That´s Insurance values input from their customers. They want to hear from people about their actual experience with individual providers. To encourage this, they ask people to rate the policies they buy and share their reviews too.


  1. Free advice – via the site´s free forum you can ask questions and share ideas.


  1. Save your quotes – being able to save your comparisons is extremely convenient and makes sure you are never rushed into buying a policy.


  1. Side by side comparison – once you have narrowed down your options being able to compare the policies side by side makes it easier to see the differences.


That´s Insurance has plans to expand their service in the future to cover other types of policies. For now, they are all about travel insurance.