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You have just booked your family holiday to somewhere warm and sunny, remembered to sort out currency, got your passports in order, paid for the dogs to be put in kennels and purchased those Bermuda shorts, or that skimpy bikini. The only thing left to organise is the travel insurance. But where to start? and what’s the best travel policy for you?

Why you need this site!

Travel Insurance is a competitive market in the UK, there are hundreds of companies offering cover and it is very easy to buy online, without giving your purchase a second thought.

To most customers, price is the most important factor, but you might be surprised to know there is a huge difference  in the cover and the price between policies. For example, two weeks in France for a family of four can cost anywhere between £9.00 and £130 depending on which Insurer you choose.

Holiday Insurance is one of those “necessary evils”, that people tend not to know much about and yet is probably one of the most extensive and complex insurance policies that you can buy.

The sad truth is, that you only find out whether a policy is any good when you need to make a claim.

Travel InjuryBy then it can be too late. Especially as in some foreign countries, it is very easy to rack up medical bills in the hundreds of thousands. If your policy is not right, it could leave you in a serious financial mess, the consequences of which could ruin your life!

Michael Schumacher, probably one of the most famous racing drivers the world has ever seen, spent six months in a coma after a skiing accident on the 29th December 2013. From initial reports it appeared to be a simple skiing accident, one that I am sure is repeated every year on slopes around the world.

Sadly for Michael he hit his head on a large rock and it caused severe injuries to his head and brain. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and was immediately operated on by a specialist brain surgeon. He spent over six months in a coma and it was unsure whether he would survive. His recovery has been very slow and kept under wraps by his family and management team. What we do know is that the medical costs have been estimated at over £10 million. What we don’t know is if he had travel insurance. Michael is of course in a position financially to fund those costs himself. Something that not many of us could afford to do.

So if you plan on a skiing holiday this year and have a policy with only £2 million or even £5 million medical expenses cover, you should be asking yourself is this really enough?


Which Policy is Best?

You could spend your time trawling through websites looking for the best quote. You could speed the process up by trying a comparison site. Unfortunately comparison sites only deal with about 25% of the travel insurers, so there is no guarantee that you will find the absolute best price using one.

This site was designed not only to help you make an informed choice, but also to provide you with all the information and help you make one as quickly as possible. After all you don’t want to spend hours researching travel insurance, when you could be doing something more worthwhile.

We have taken the hard work out of choosing a policy, by reviewing every policy ourselves and rating them accordingly. When we say every policy, we mean every policy, not just the forty who appear on the well known comparison sites, but every single policy that is available to purchase online (there are over 400 single trip polices to choose from!).   That is a true comparison!

How do Travel Insurance Reviewwe Work?

1. We explain the different types of policies available and where you can find them, review the companies that currently offer cover online and the policies they provide.

2. In the advice section, you will find a simple explanation of each of the standard areas covered in a travel policy.

3. We do not make specific recommendations, because each person has their own individual set of circumstances, that we can’t possibly know.

4. Each Policy is carefully reviewed and rated using our in house developed algorithm, which ranks each policy according to a fixed set of criteria. These include things like, core sections of cover, levels of cover, excess, policy wording and of course price.

5. We have no ties to any particular Insurer, so our reviews are totally independent.


How to use this site

1. If you don’t really understand travel insurance, you should visit our Holiday Insurance Advice section first. This explains travel insurance in more detail, discussing the pros and cons and breaking down the sections of a policy.

2. To simply compare all the available policies online click here for Single Trip Insurance, here for Annual Travel Insurance and here for Backpacker Travel Insurance.

3. If you just want to examine the cover for each policy in more detail, you can download our pdf documents which has been produced free of charge. Single Trip Comparison Guide, Annual Trip Comparison Guide.

4. If you have a particular Insurer in mind, you can read our independent reviews by clicking here. Once you have read the review, you can then compare costs by using our comparison chart.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, or have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.