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Ski/Wintersports Travel Insurance Guide

Most single trip and annual trip travel insurance policies offer Ski or winter sports insurance as an add on. Every policy has been rated using our own in-house algorithm and then ranked by price. The algorithm takes into account many factors, including things like, sections covered, sums insured, terms and conditions, additional benefits, and excess.

Each policy has been given a one to five star rating. Using our search facility, you can filter policies by star rating, premium, excess, levels of cover, or a combination of filters. Once you have filtered the policies that best suit your needs you can Click "Get a Quote" to proceed to the Insurance Providers website to get your final quote, including the additions you require.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

In Brief

Winter Sports Insurance is essential if you are planning any skiing holiday. By its very nature, there is a much greater chance of injury than a normal beach holiday. The skiing accident to Michael Schumacher, whilst an absolute tragedy could not be a better advert for the need for insurance. Whilst Michael is a multi-millionaire and can afford the medical costs, they would be completely un-affordable to ordinary members of the public. This accident also highlights the need to ensure you pick a policy with high levels of cover and not just the cheapest option. Lots of travel insurance policies offer a winter sports extension, but there are companies who specialise in ski holiday insurance, so its worth comparing both.

Who is it for?

  • For anyone who is planning a holiday in the snow, skiing, snowboarding or just "apres ski".
  • Whether its just a week or you spend several weeks a year skiing, a specialist ski travel insurance policy is for you.
  • Anyone going on holiday primarily to for skiing or wintersports.
Sports Travel Insurance

What you need to know about Ski/Wintersports Travel Insurance

Firstly you need to decide what activities you are planning whilst on holiday and then compare that with the insurers definition of winter sports. Some of the cheaper travel policies that offer ski cover as an addition will limit what you can do. Whereas the specialist travel insurers, will include things like Racing, Ski Instructor courses ( including cover for course fees being reimbursed ). Also Bobsleigh, Heli-Skiing, Cross Country skiing, Ski Touring. Finally, not forgetting snowboarding on and off piste as standard. (Off piste can be covered providing you are with at least one other insured adult, or a guide and are in the areas designated safe by the resort) A specialist winter travel insurance policy should include cover for, mountain rescue, increased cover for ski equipment, ski equipment hire, piste closure, avalanche closure, search and rescue and lift pass cover. The policy will, of course, cover these extras in addition to the standard sections of cover.

Important Considerations

Of course, snow sports are associated with injuries. However, the stats show that the risk is much lower than people believe at only 0.5%. Even so Ski Insurers are recommending the wearing of ski helmets and the recent Michael Schumacher accident has seen an increase in their purchase and use. Keep all of your important policy and telephone numbers with you at all times. If you purchase an annual policy make sure, the number of days skiing cover is appropriate as some policies restrict this. Whilst apres ski is very enjoyable, be aware that Insurers could refuse to pay out medical costs if you were under the influence of alcohol at the time of any accident. Finally, if you wish to go off-piste without a guide, or outside resort boundaries, there are specialist insurers that will cover this.

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