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Brief History

Top Dog is owned by Citybond Holdings PLc, a specialist in the travel insurance market place. It is the same company that owns, Spectrum Travel and Citybond Suretravel. All policies are underwritten by CIGNA INSURANCE services Europe. In fact the cover provided is identical, the only difference are the premiums being charged.

Underwritten By MAPFRE Insurance

Policies Offered

Single Trip Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • There are four levels of cover available, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • The Topdog policy is for individuals, couples and families. The maximum trip duration is 100 days up to the age of seventy five or thirty one days if you are between the ages of seventy six and eighty five.
  • You can add gadget cover, golf, business, wedding cruise or winter sports to the policy.
  • We have rated the policies as follows:
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Thats Insurance Rating for Platinum:

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Thats Insurance Rating for Bronze:

Backpacker Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • The policy will cover travellers between the ages of sixteen and fortyfive with a maximum trip of eighteen months. Temporary returns home are allowed free of charge. The policy automatically covers 120 sporting activites.
  • There are three levels of cover, silver, gold and gold plus. Gold Plus also covers computer equipment up to one thousand pounds.
  • You have the option to add wintersports for up to seventeen days.
Read the Full Policy Type Guide Here

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Annual Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • The annual trip offers the same levels of cover as above. You are allowed unlimited trips in any one year. For a person up to the age of sixtyfive the maximum duration of any one trip is fifty days (can be extended up to one hundred days) .
  • The trip duration is reduced to thirty five days if you are aged between sixty six and seventy five (extendable to fifty days) and thirty five days if you are aged seventy six ? eighty five (this is not extendable)
  • Winter Sports can be added for up to seventeen days for those aged up to sixty five

Thats Insurance Rating for Bronze:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Platinum:

Longstay Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • This policy is available for travellers right up to the age of seventy five and will cover trips of between three and twelve months. Cruise holidays are covered at no extra cost and there are generous discounts for couple and family policies.
  • Like the gap year policy there are one hundred and twenty activities automatically covered.
  • There are two levels of cover silver and gold.

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Important Notes

What is age/classification of Child?

Your dependents who are under the age of 18, living at home with you or in full time education

Age Limits?

At time of purchase:-

No Maximum Age for Single Trips - (at the date of purchase of the insurance).

Aged 85 for Multi Trip - (at the date of purchase of the insurance).

Aged 70 for Longstay - (at the date of purchase of the insurance).

Aged 45 for Backpacker(Young Traveller) - (at the date of purchase of the insurance).

Aged 70 if Wintersports is added. - (at the date of purchase of the insurance).

Trip days limits

50 days for each insured person up to and including 65 years of age. This is extendable up to 100 days upon payment of an additional premium.

  • 35 days for each insured person aged between 66 and 85 years of age inclusive. This is not extendable.
  • Winter Sports cover may be included up to 17 days during the period of insurance for each insured person aged up to and including 70 years of age upon payment of the appropriate premium.
  • For each insured person aged 75 years and under, the maximum trip duration is 100 days.
  • For each insured person aged 76 years and over, the maximum trip duration is 31 days.
  • Stop overs during your travel to/from your destination country if travelling worldwide are limited to 72 hours for Backpacker/Longstay Policies detailed in the geographical area.  All other policies are limited to 24 hours.

No of persons covered, family/ group?

Group - no limit on individuals.

Family means “means up to two adults and any number of their children, step children, foster children or grandchildren aged under 18. Each insured person is covered to travel independently.”.

Reciprocal Health Agreements?

EHIC strongly advised but not mandatory if travelling to the EU. If you are travelling to Australia and you require medical treatment you should enrol with a local Medicare office.

Sporting Activities, what’s included?

There is a list of over 100 activities covered as standard. Additional activities can be covered after payment of the appropriate additional premium. Some activities are * starred as excluding Personal Liability and Personal Accident.

It is important that you check the list of activities before purchasing your travel insurance to ensure you are covered.  If you are unsure, it’s a good tip to gain approval in writing from your insurance provider.

Alcohol Exclusion, Terms?

Policy states the Insurer shall not be responsible claims where “You drinking too much alcohol (a blood alcohol level that exceeds 0.19% - approximately 4 pints or 4 glasses of wine) resulting in a claim. Wilful, self inflicted injury (except where it is to save human life), suicide, drug use or solvent abuse. “

Scheduled Airline Failure/End Supplier Failure cover?

Scheduled airline failure cover and hijack is included free of charge. Cover level varies depending on the policy.

Medical Conditions, Exclusions, Vaccinations?

There is standard cover provided for over 300 medical conditions and optional cover on over 2000 conditions which can now be underwritten online in most cases, without the need to make a phone call. Any pre-existing medical condition that has not been declared and accepted in writing by the insurer will not be covered.

You are not covered in the event of a failure to obtain any recommended vaccines, inoculations or medications prior to your trip departure.

Travelling while Pregnant?

“Our policies include emergency medical expenses cover for pregnancy and childbirth from week 0 to week 28 inclusive whilst you are away. From the start of week 29 to week 40 of the pregnancy, there is no cover for claims relating to normal pregnancy and normal childbirth or cancellation, however, medical expenses and cancellation cover will be provided if any of the following complications arise:

Toxaemia, Gestational diabetes, Gestational hypertension, Ectopic pregnancy, Post-partum haemorrhage, Pre-eclampsia, Molar pregnancy or hydatidiform mole, Retained placenta membrane, Placental abruption, Hyperemesis gravidarum, Placenta praevia, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Emergency Caesarean, A termination needed for medical reasons, Premature birth more than 12 weeks (or 16 weeks if you know you are having more than one baby) before the expected delivery date.”

 Working while away?

The Insurer will provide cover for manual labour that is voluntary, for a registered charity and where you will not earn any money. In these situations, you will not be covered for work that involves installing, putting together, maintaining, repairing or using heavy electrical, mechanical or hydraulic machinery. You will not be covered when you are working more than two storeys above the ground, and cover for personal accident and personal liability is not included. If you injure yourself during voluntary work, the policy excess under Section 2 (Emergency Medical and other expenses) will be increased to £250.

Work, such as Bar Work, Fruit Picking and Administrative or Clerical Work is covered under activities, though some are * starred as excluding Personal Liability and Personal Accident.

We would recommend that anyone planning to work obtains written permission from their Insurance Provider that it is covered under their policy.

Possessions, Proof of Ownership?

Proof of ownership is required for items that you are claiming for.  Proof of ownership and/or purchase consists of receipts for the items claimed or if receipts cannot be provided alternative forms of proof, such as bank statements, guarantees, instruction manuals, insurance valuation certificates or photographs will suffice.

We strongly recommend that it would be sensible to keep receipts of any new clothes/property purchased for your holiday; and additionally, any valuation for items that are of value, but you don’t have an original receipt. If in doubt as to whether you have cover for a specific item, please contact the Insurance Provider for clarification prior to taking out insurance.

Cyber Attack, Terrorism

You are not covered in respect of any claim that happens as a result of war risks, civil commotion and terrorism, cover for these events is only provided under Section 2 Emergency medical and other expenses, Section 3 Hospital benefit and Section 4 Personal accident (unless caused by nuclear, chemical or biological attack) Please see paragraph 1. in the ‘General exclusions - applicable to all sections of the policy’ in the policy wording for full details

Natural Disaster/Catastrophe

Not Covered under this policy as standard, but available as an optional extra.


This insurance is available to current United Kingdom, Channel Islands, European Union and BFPO residents who have been living in their country of residence for at least 6 months prior to the date of purchase, and registered with a doctor there.


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