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Brief History

Legal and General were founded in 1836 and today help over 10 million people globally with saving, investing, building retirement income and insurance. They are a well respected Insurer who have some great policies available to the general public.Legal & General Travel Insurance is underwritten by HCC International Insurance Company plc.

Underwritten By HCC International Insurance Company

Policies Offered

Single Trip Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Legal and General?s single trip policy has an age limit of 85 and a maximum trip length of 94 days. It can be taken out by individuals, couples, families (family cover means two adults and up to 9 children under 18) or groups (Groups are described as up to 9 individuals who do not necessarily live together, but are taking the same trip.)
  • There are three levels of cover Bronze, Silver and Gold. They have been rated as follows:
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Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Thats Insurance Rating for Bronze:

Backpacker Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Ratings are listed below, if available

Annual Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • The annual policy has the same levels of cover, the same age limit (85) and can be taken out by the same groups. Whilst the number of trips you can take during a policy year are unlimited, the maximum duration of a trip is restricted to Bronze cover 31 days, Silver cover 45 days and Gold cover 62 days.
  • Wintersports can be included for up to 21 days, providing you are under the age of 65 at the time of travel.
  • Golf cover, wedding and Cruise cover can be added as an optional extra.

Thats Insurance Rating for Bronze:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Longstay Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Ratings are listed below, if available

Important Notes

The policy excludes any cover in connection with Alcohol abuse/misuse. However Legal and General do offer guidance on this area.You drinking too much alcohol or alcohol abuse where it is reasonably foreseeable that such consumption could result in an impairment of your physical ability and/or judgement resulting in a claim. We do not expect you to avoid alcohol on your trips or holidays, but we will not cover any claims arising because you have drunk so much alcohol that your judgement is seriously affected or you are suffering from alcohol dependence or directly or indirectly from the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Medical conditions are excluded under the policy, unless you declare the condition during the quotation process via the online medical screening. Once you have obtained terms, confirmation of the condition being accepted, will be shown on your certificate of insurance.

All three policies have the same sections of cover insured. The bronze and silver policies have respectively lower sums insured and higher excesses than the gold policy.

As with most policies cover for electronic items (described as gadgets) are excluded under the baggage section of the policy. Fortunately Legal and General offer you extended cover for gadgets as an optional extra. Useful if you plan to take mobile phones and tables or Ipads away with you.Scheduled airline failure is covered as standard on all three policies.

End supplier failure is only covered underthe gold policy.

There is the option to include cover for Natuaral Catastrophes on all three policies.

Children under the age of 18 must be travelling with the parent or legal guardian who is also the Policyholder. Spouses/partners can travel independently and still be covered.

There is a comprehensive list of sports and activities which are automatically covered under the policy. There is an additional list that Legal and General consider to be a higher risk, for which payment of an additional premium is required.Note there is no cover for sports and activities if aged over 65.



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