American Express Travel Insurance Review

American Express Travel Insurance Review

American Express Travel Insurance Review

American Express Travel Insurance Review, Who are American Express? Who underwrites their policies? What Policies do American Express offer and what Important Information should you know when thinking of buying a policy? Read on to find out.

About American Express travel insurance

American Express famous for their Amex Credit card, but are also involved in Travel, all types of Insurance and Foreign Exchange. Their Travel Insurance policy is managed through American Express Insurance Services, but hosted by Axa Insurance.

The Travel Policy is underwritten by Inter partner Assistance SA (IPA) They are a Belgian firm authorised by the National Bank of Belgium with a branch office in Ireland and regulated by the central bank of ireland. It is only subject to limited regulation in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you check out the ombudsmans website, you can see the number of complaints IPA have received and the percentage that were resolved in the customers favour.

American Express Travel Insurance Policies are Underwritten By Inter Partner Assistance

Travel Policies offered by American Express travel insurance

Click on the blue bars on the right side of the Policy Type Bar to expand and view all policies offered by American Express travel insurance. Find That's Insurance Star Ratings plus key information relative to those policies; for example age limits, trip durations and winter sports options.

If you would like more detailed information in relation to Policy Terms and Conditions, please refer to the Important Notes section below, where we have extracted key information from what is normally a very long policy wording document.

Single Trip Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • This covers a single trip to Europe or Worldwide excluding USA & Canada up to a maximum of 93 days.
  • The maximum age for the single trip policy is 79 for European trips and 69 for worldwide. The maximum age for the annual policy is 65.
  • You are able to add Winter Sports, Adventure Sports, Stranded Traveller Assist, Golf Cover, Business cover as options.
  • Children up to 18 can also be included on either policy.
Read the Full Policy Type Guide Here

Thats Insurance Rating for Single Trip:

Backpacker Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • The Gap Year travel insurance policy allow for trips to up to 24 months for Europe and up to 12 months for worldwide cover.
  • The maximum age on this policy is 49.
  • You can add winter sports, adventure sports and golf cover as additional options.
Read the Full Policy Type Guide Here

Thats Insurance Rating for Gap:

Annual Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • The annual policy allows trips for a total of 183 days with a single trip lasting a maximum of 31 days.
  • The Annual Prestige policy benefits from 15 Million of Medical Expenses cover and Europe or Worldwide cover.
  • The number of trips limited to 240 days and each trip can be for a maximum of 31 or 62 days to Europe and 90 or 120 days worldwide.
  • The age restrictions are the same as the single trip, but you can add children up to the age of 21, provided they are living with your or in full time education.
  • Annual Select provides cover for either Europe or Worldwide. The Annual Prestige policy allows trips for a total of 183 days, with a single trip lasting a maximum of 45 days.
  • The maximum age under the select travel insurance policy is 79 for European trips and 69 for Worldwide. You can add the same extensions to the policy as above.

Thats Insurance Rating for Essential:

Thats Insurance Rating for Select:

Thats Insurance Rating for Prestige 31:

Thats Insurance Rating for Prestige 62:

Longstay Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Ratings are listed below, if available

Important Information on American Express travel insurance's Policy Wording

What is age/classification of Child?

Children are classed as aged under 18 years old and either living with you or in full time education, or under 21 years old and in full time education.

Age Limits?

On first date of cover:-

79 or under for Single Trip

65 or under for Annual Multi Trip

No of persons covered, family/ group?

Group - not offered

Family means, you - the main policy holder, your spouse or partner (with whom you are and have been living with for the past six months) and your or their children who on the first day of the period of insurance are under 18 years old and either living with you or in full time education, or under 21 years old and in full time education.

Reciprocal Health Agreements?

EHIC not Mandatory but recommended if traveling to the EU.

Sporting Activities, what’s included?

There are over 30 activities covered as standard in Group A on this policy, with additional activities split into Groups B and C that can be purchased at additional premium,  personal accident and legal liability are excluded.   There is also a list of excluded activities.

It is important that you check the list of activities excluded, before purchasing your travel insurance to ensure you are covered.  If you are unsure, it’s a good tip to gain approval in writing from your insurance provider.

Alcohol Exclusion, Terms?

Policy states “Any claim resulting from you attempting or committing suicide; deliberately injuring yourself; using any drug not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, being addicted to any drugs, or abusing solvents, drugs, or alcohol, or being under the influence of drugs, solvents, or alcohol..”

Scheduled Airline Failure/End Supplier Failure cover?

Not Covered under this policy.

Medical Conditions, Exclusions, Vaccinations?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition you must make a medical health declaration before each period of insurance and on each annual renewal. In addition, if there are any changes in your health or prescribed medication you must notify us and update your medical health declaration prior to booking any trip or departing on any trip. All changes must be declared to us and accepted in writing before cover can continue.

You must ensure that you have all the appropriate vaccinations that are required for the country/countries that you intend to visit.

Travelling while Pregnant?

You are excluded from any claim for Emergency Medical  Repatriation (if included on your policy)- arising from pregnancy related conditions not due to complications of pregnancy which first arise after departing on your trip.

In other words, if a pregnancy related condition was apparent before you left for your holiday, you would not be covered.  However, if a condition arose after you had travelled you would be covered for Emergency Medical and Repatriation (if included on your policy).

Working while away?

Manual Labour is excluded under this policy.  This is defined as:-Any work above ground level; work using cutting tools, power tools and machinery; work involving hands-on involvement with the installation, assembly, maintenance or repair of electrical, mechanical or hydraulic plant; undertaking work of a plumber, electrician, lighting or sound technician, carpenter, painter/decorator or builder, or manual labour of any kind, with the exception of bar and restaurant work, wait staff, chalet, maid, au pair and child care, and occasional light manual work at ground level including retail work and fruit picking.

If your plan is for specific work, it is always best to contact the insurance provider and obtain written acceptance that your planned type of work is allowed under the policy.

Possessions, Proof of Ownership?

The Insured Person shall produce an original receipt, proof of ownership or insurance valuation (obtained prior to the loss) of the items lost, stolen or damaged.

It would be sensible to keep receipts of any new clothes/property purchased for your holiday. If in doubt as to whether you have cover for a specific item, please contact the Insurance Provider for clarification prior to taking out insurance.

Cyber Attack, Terrorism

This insurance will not cover you for any claim arising from war; invasion; act of a foreign enemy; hostilities (whether war be declared or not); civil war; rebellion; terrorism; revolution; insurrection; civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to an uprising; military or usurped power; you taking part in civil commotion or riot of any kind but this exclusion shall not apply to losses under Section 2 ? Medical Emergency & Repatriation Service unless such losses are caused by nuclear, chemical or biological attack, or the disturbances were already taking place at the beginning of any trip.

Natural Disaster/Catastrophe

Not covered under this policy.


You must be a permanent resident of, and registered with a General Practitioner in, the United Kingdom.

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