Travel Insurance can save your life


Posted By: jonathan on April 11, 2017

Travel Insurance can save your life

“Dan Kundin was an independent guy, even at age 89. So, when he decided to go on a round-the-world cruise, his daughters, Liz and Susan, didn’t see a big problem as long as he had travel insurance. No one really fretted about what could go wrong.”

Until it did. click here to read more

source: Susan Kraus Travel Writer The Huffington Post

Susan Kraus provides some real life examples of why it is so important not to travel on holiday or business etc without the protection of travel insurance. The examples she writes about are based on experiences by American Tourists, but the same applies to visitors from any country, and certainly from the United Kingdom.

Medical bills can be run up extremely quickly, especially in the examples she gives and it is critical you find a good policy with high levels of cover. Click here for an explanation of the different types of travel policies available, then read my reviews on those policies.

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