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Single Trip Travel Insurance Guide

There are well over 400 different single trip travel insurance polices to choose from, read our Single Trip Travel Insurance Guide to help you understand whether this is the right type of insurance for you and your family. Single Trip Travel Insurance This guide covers:
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance - In Brief
  • Who is Single Trip Travel Insurance for
  • How Long Can I get cover for on a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy
  • Key points about Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Top Picks for Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies
  • Important Considerations about Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance - In Brief

In 2016, the number of Britons taking a holiday abroad and the number of holidays taken per person, was up by about 7% on the previous year (source Office for National Statistics). Short City Breaks were more popular and there was a decline in the number of beach holidays. Single trip travel insurance is therefore the most popular type of travel policy available. It is possible to get covered online in a matter of minutes, and a seven-day policy can be purchased for as little as £10. It is the type of policy chosen by most customers to insure their holiday.

Who is Single Trip Travel Insurance for

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Single Parent Families *
  • Groups **
* single parent families (families and single parent families may include children up to the age of 18 and who are still in full time education) **groups, taking a single trip abroad for anywhere between 3 days and 12 months.

How Long Can I get cover for on a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

We show quotes for up to 14 days, however it is possible to take out a single trip travel insurance policy for up to 365 days with some insurers. You can check this by clicking on any Insurance Providers Logo Image on the quote pages, or searching for an individual Insurance Provider . Click on the Single Trip Insurance Policy Drop Down, you will find the maximum Trip Duration there. There may be some restrictions on age and generally if you are over 65 you will find that the Trip Duration is restricted to 31 days maximum on quotes. Travel insurance is a wide-ranging product, designed to provide cover for different eventualities and situations whilst the policyholder is either on holiday or on a business trip. Cover can be arranged for a specific number of days so you only pay for the time you are away on holiday. Most Policies have a Winter Sports add on, which covers you with payment of an additional premium, most policies also cover you for the entire duration of your Trip, however some do restrict this if you are planning a single trip over an extended period - in excess of 17 days. Cover levels vary so its very important to check the policy schedule prior to booking - especially if you have expensive ski equipment. Our Winter Sports Guide gives you more information.

Key Points about Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • A single trip policy should provide cover you would expect under travel insurance policy. Things like medical expenses, cancellation and curtailment, baggage and money, legal expenses, public liability, personal accident and missed or delayed departure.
  • Whilst there are certainly some very cheap policies available, it is important to remember that the cheapest policy may not always be the most suitable. Sums insured may be lower, and you might find the excess (the amount you are required to pay in the event of a claim) may be a lot higher.
  • Buy your travel insurance when you book your holiday – most people tend to take out a single trip travel policy just before they're about to travel, which means they may not benefit fully from cancellation cover. Its best to insure yourself as soon as you book your trip.
  • A single trip policy only covers holidays, however some companies give you the option to add cover for a business trip. Other policies will allow you to add winter sports, golf, and wedding cover to the policy, but you need to check, if this is something that you are considering.
  • If you are planning to take several trips, then also look at the cost of annual travel travel insurance. It can be cheaper if you are going on two or more trips in a year.
  • It is important to make sure the level of cancellation cover is equal or higher than the cost of the holiday (including any excursions during the holiday you have already booked).

Important Considerations about Single Trip Travel Insurance

All Insurers will exclude any pre-existing medical conditions as standard. If you - or anyone who is going to be covered under your policy - do have a medical condition, you have two choices. 1. Have the condition excluded under the policy. This means that if you are taken ill and it is as a result of that condition, there will be no cover under the policy. 2. Many Insurers are now able to include a wide variety of conditions by asking you additional information at the point of sale (known as medical underwriting). They will normally offer a policy with amended terms such as a higher excess, lower cover or an additional premium. For more information see the section on medical travel insurance. Check to make sure that any activities you might do whilst abroad are covered under the Insurers standard list. If you are planning to take part in more adventurous pursuits, check the policy wording. Many Insurers allow you to add additional activities by paying an additional premium. Most policies also state that Activities must not be undertaken in a professional or paid capacity, so if you are going abroad specifically to compete in an event, you should call your chosen Insurance Provider first to ensure you are covered.

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