Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance Guide

Most single trip and annual trip travel insurance offer policies allowing you to insure up to ten or twelve persons, use the single trip filter to search for suitable policies. Premiums are usually multiplied by the number of persons in a group. A few policies allow you to add an unlimited number.

Every policy has been rated using our own in-house algorithm and then ranked by price. The algorithm takes into account many factors, including things like, sections covered, sums insured, terms and conditions, additional benefits, and excess.

Each policy has been given a one to five star rating. Using our search facility, you can filter policies by star rating, premium, excess, levels of cover, or a combination of filters. Once you have found a suitable policy go to the Insurers website via our link, to take out a policy.

Group Travel Insurance

In Brief

Do you travel abroad as part of a club, or do you often holiday with several families in a group? A Group Travel policy may be for you. As with a lot of things, if you buy in bulk, you often get a discount. It is the same with Group Travel. It works out cheaper if you cover a large number of people under one policy.

A Group Travel policy is different to  a family travel policy, in that the persons insured under a group policy don’t necessarily need to be members of your family or related to you.

Who is it for?

Whether you are on a Company outing, a stag weekend in Magaluf a wedding or a large group of families holidaying together. Anyone who travels in a large group. The group travel insurance plans are tailor-made for you. Normally for groups of ten or more.
  • Groups travelling in one party up to 12 persons.
  • Large Family Groups
  • Wedding Parties
  • Company outings.
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What you need to know about Group Travel Insurance

An umbrella group policy offers the same cover as a standard insurance policy but saves you having to arrange cover individually. By its nature, the Group Travel Policy has to be very flexible. Insurers will allow you to cover a group for a single trip of normally up to 31 days. Several trips like an annual multi trip policy, or a long stay policy for up to 12 or 18 months.

Most group travel policies are also flexible enough to allow different parts of the group to travel at different times. Because you are covering a large group, you can often tailor the cover and sums insured to meet your specific requirements.

The savings on a group policy can be dramatic sometimes as much as fifty percent, especially if you choose a group policy that allows children to go free.

Important Considerations

As with other travel insurance policies, if you have older persons travelling in your party aged over 65, it is a good idea to get quotes with and without them. It might be cheaper to insure them under a separate policy.

Make sure that you choose a specialist group travel policy as some Travel Insurers may try to make a standard policy fit a group policy.

In my experience, a group travel policy should be for groups of more than ten persons and will more than likely treat existing medical conditions less harshly than a single person travel insurance policy. They are also more flexible on the lists of activities that automatically covered.

A group travel policy will often include extras as standard things like, Travel Disruption, Winter sports, golf cover, business cover and excess waiver. Insurers can afford to do this because they are insuring much larger numbers of people under one policy.

If you are trying to cover a large group, it might not be possible to get a quote online, and you may have to phone the Insurer concerned to get a quote. However, the savings make the effort worthwhile.