Circlecover Travel Insurance Review

Circlecover Travel Insurance Review

Circlecover Travel Insurance Review

Circlecover Travel Insurance Review, Who are Circlecover? Who underwrites their policies? What Policies do Circlecover offer and what Important Information should you know when thinking of buying a policy? Read on to find out.

About is a trading name of Insure and Go Insurance Services Ltd. Another strong product from the insure and go stable, which includes Insure and Go are a specialist travel insurer and are a wholly owned subsidiary of MAPFRE ASISTENCIAMAPFRE is a multinational insurance and assistance company founded in Madrid, Spain. They have worldwide operations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa with over 161 million beneficiaries worldwide. In 2011, MAPFRE were awarded Insurer/Underwriter of the Year at the ITIJ Awards.This policy is aimed at the over 50's and covers all pre existing medical conditions.

Circlecover Travel Insurance Policies are Underwritten By MAPFRE Insurance

Travel Policies offered by

Click on the blue bars on the right side of the Policy Type Bar to expand and view all policies offered by Find That's Insurance Star Ratings plus key information relative to those policies; for example age limits, trip durations and winter sports options.

If you would like more detailed information in relation to Policy Terms and Conditions, please refer to the Important Notes section below, where we have extracted key information from what is normally a very long policy wording document.

Single Trip Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • This particular policy is open to individuals, couples, families and small groups. A trip can be for 3 days up to 365 days (provided you are under the age of 65) For anyone over the age of 65, trips are restricted to a maximum of 45 days. There is no upper age limit and you can choose from three levels of cover, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
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Thats Insurance Rating for Platinum:

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Backpacker Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Not available for this Insurance Provider

Annual Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Also open to singles, couples, families and small groups, this policy allows you to take an unlimited number of trips throughout the year
  • Whilst there is no upper age limit, a single trip is restricted to 45 days for anyone up to the age of 65, 31 days, if you are aged 66 - 85 and 22 days if you are aged 86+) Note that the Gold and Platinum policies single trip limit is increased automatically for those under 66, to 90 days and you are able to include up to 24 days winter sports cover (17 days for the silver policy)

Thats Insurance Rating for Silver:

Thats Insurance Rating for Gold:

Thats Insurance Rating for Platinum:

Longstay Insurance Policy Click to Expand

  • Use single trip if applicable to your needs.

Important Information on's Policy Wording

What is age/classification of Child?

Your dependents who are under the age of 18, living at home with you or in full time education

Age Limits?

At time of purchase:-

Aged 99 for Single Trips (over 65’s limited to 45 days maximum trip length (at the date of purchase of the insurance).

Aged 99 for Multi Trip - 45 days maximum Trip length. Trip length for over 65’s is for a maximum of 22 days. The Gold and Platinum policies allow for an increase in trip length to 90 days for under 65’s.  (at the date of purchase of the insurance)

Wintersports cover on Annual Policies is included for up to 17 days, or 24 if you have taken Gold or Platinum policies.

No of persons covered, family/ group?

Group - 10 Individuals.

Family means “A person and their husband, wife or partner and their dependent, adopted or fostered children who are aged under 18 and are either in full-time education or living with them”.

Reciprocal Health Agreements?

EHIC mandatory if travelling to the EU. You must enrol in Medicare if travelling to Australia.

Sporting Activities, what’s included?

There is a list of over 40 activities covered as standard. However, you will not be covered for any activity considered to be dangerous unless specifically agreed with Circlecover. They will not cover any sport undertaken professionally.  

It is important that you check the list of activities before purchasing your travel insurance to ensure you are covered.  If you are unsure, it’s a good tip to gain approval in writing from your insurance provider.

Alcohol Exclusion, Terms?

Policy states the Insurer shall not be responsible claims where “We do not expect you to avoid alcohol consumption on your trips or holidays but we will not cover any claims arising because

you have drunk so much alcohol that your judgement is seriously affected and you need to make a claim as a result (e.g. any medical claim where in the opinion of the treating doctor, your excessive alcohol consumption has caused or actively contributed to your injury or illness).  “

Scheduled Airline Failure/End Supplier Failure cover?

Covered under all policies for this Insurance Provider for Scheduled Airline Failure, and End Supplier Failure on Gold, Platinum Policies, which incorporates additional suppliers, as follows:- car hire operators,  ferry operators, coach operators or train operators.

Medical Conditions, Exclusions, Vaccinations?

All pre existing medical conditions are underwritten at the point of sale, making the process simple and quick. You have the option to increase cover for valuables up to £2,000 with a single article limit of £1,000. Business cover, Golf and Travel Disruption cover can also be added to the policy.

Any pre-existing medical condition that has not been declared and accepted in writing by the insurer will not be covered.

You are not covered in the event of a failure to obtain any recommended vaccines, inoculations or medications prior to your trip departure.

Travelling while Pregnant?

We provide cover under this policy if something unexpected happens. In particular, we provide cover under section B ? Medical and other expenses for injuries to the body or illness that was not expected. 

We do not consider pregnancy or childbirth to be an illness or injury. To be clear, we only provide cover under sections A, B and C of this policy, for claims that come from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Please make sure you read the definition of ‘Complications of pregnancy and childbirth’ on page 14.

Working while away?

Manual Work of any kind is specifically excluded unless you are not getting paid for it and it is for a registered charity. Manual labour is work that is physical, including, but not limited to construction, installation, assembly and building work. This does not include bar and restaurant staff, musicians and singers and fruit pickers (who do not use machinery).

We would recommend that anyone planning to work obtains written permission from their Insurance Provider that it is covered under their policy.

Possessions, Proof of Ownership?

Proof of ownership is required for items that you are claiming for.  The insurer won’t pay if you are unable to provide this and deductions will be made for items claimed, for wear and tear, it is not a new for old replacement policy.

We strongly recommend that it would be sensible to keep receipts of any new clothes/property purchased for your holiday; and additionally, any valuation for items that are of value, but you don’t have an original receipt. If in doubt as to whether you have cover for a specific item, please contact the Insurance Provider for clarification prior to taking out insurance.

Cyber Attack, Terrorism

You are not covered in respect of any claim that happens as a result of war, invasion, revolution, rebellion, act of foreign enemy or any similar event (except for any which the public did not know about at the time of purchase of this insurance and/or prior to the booking of any individual trip). Please note that this exclusion does not apply to section B ? Medical expenses

Natural Disaster/Catastrophe

Not Covered under this policy, except for section B ? medical expenses.


All insured persons must be a resident of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and British Forces Posted Overseas only.


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