About Us

Having been in the Insurance business for a long time, I have seen many changes. From the way the Insurance Industry is regulated, to the way in which it is sold.

When I first started in Insurance, the internet hadn’t been invented and we relied on calculating rates to customers face to face or over the phone, using a rate book and eventually using a simple computer program. Application forms had to be manually written out, photocopied and posted out to an Insurance Company, before cover would be granted. It was a slow process, but as a broker I felt you really earn’t your commission. The customer benefited from your expertise and your knowledge of the market place.

Today however things have totally changed. It is now possible to obtain a quotation online in a matter of minutes if not seconds for most types of Insurance. There are numerous comparison sites, leaving it seems no stone unturned.

The ease with which you can obtain online insurance is a cause for concern, as insurance has not become any less complicated than it was twenty years ago. The basic principles of insurance still apply now as they did over a century ago. I wonder how consumers have all suddenly become experts in the field of insurance.

There is a great danger of purchasing a policy that isn’t suitable for you and may not cover you in the event of a claim. Unfortunately the way insurance is sold online, the buck stops with you the customer, so it is more important than ever that you get it right.

Why Did I Put Together This Site?

I have well over twenty years experience in the insurance industry. I have worked for Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers, ultimately owning my own business, that dealt with a wide range of Insurances, which I sold in 2007.

After a research project into how Insurance is sold I found some worrying issues with the way consumers purchase Insurance online. For instance none of the comparison sites actually compares every policy and these sites are designed to show you the cheapest premium first, to draw you in, to get the sale. However you will see from this site, and our reviews, that cheapest isn’t always the best and can in some circumstances be a complete waste of money.

There are also issues with policy wordings. Who has time to read every policy to compare the subtle changes, that could mean the difference between a settled claim and one that has been refused.

I decided in light of my research to put together a team that could review every policy by cover, price, service etc and provide that information in an easy to understand format, hence “ThatsInsurance” was borne


Our initial research was about Travel Insurance, which is our first review, however we plan to add more products later on in the year.

How do we get paid?

Putting together a site like this takes time and resources and so we get remunerated in two ways

1. Google Advertisements

2. Some of the companies we review pay us a commission, if you click a link and ultimately purchase from their site. Having said that we review every single policy fairly, regardless of whether they pay us or not, so you can rest assured that you are seeing the whole market place and not just a slice.

We hope that you will find our site useful, but if you have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]


The Thatsinsurance Team

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